Thursday, December 24, 2009

Is it safe to masturbate with shampoo conditioner?

i know it is not safe to masturbate with shampoo. and i also know it is safe to masturbate with conditioner..

but what if my family always gets the shampoo conditioner 2 in one crap?Is it safe to masturbate with shampoo conditioner?
its no safe to masturbate at all get a g/fIs it safe to masturbate with shampoo conditioner?
why use shampoo? isn't it better and more safe to use the lubricant that is meant for using on masturbation ? if you really want to masturbate when a shampoo it more safe to use a lubricant that is meant for using when sex which is more appropriate choice. it is because the chemical is strong in the shampoo.
Is it safe? Unless you have some allergic situation, then yes, it is probably safe...but I wouldn't advise it: if you get used to the silkiness of shampoo conditioner, no real girl will ever hold up, and you will doom yourself to a totally disappointing sex life that centers around masturbatory addiction and self-flagellation...this happened to a kid I knew...he tried becoming a monk, but that didn't he ended-up becoming a eunuch...stick with Vaseline or chicken fat -- these will do you better.
while it may be safe in that you won't get an STI from it, neither is really a good option. they are all cleaning type products nd may be abrasive. instead try baby oil or vegetable oil. a little messier to clean up but if you are masturbating in theshower that is not a problem...
Hi John

It is not safe to use such things for masturbation as you could get a nasty urinary tract infection from them. They contain chemicals to clean and condition hair not for sexual activities.

So don't use them.


Holy jumping weasel fritters on a hot cross bun! If you get any conditioner down the urethra, it will burn like the fire of a thousand villagers ready to torch a witch!
Yes, but make sure you remove the conditioner from the bottle before going at it. You don't want to be washing your hair in your own baby batter.
Well, I would think it wouldn't be safe since it does involve shampoo in it.
NO, dont do it.... use plain lotion

you wouldnt wanna find out the hard way why its not safe so do as i say

that's so funny dude. use whatever u want but make sure it won't slid into your tiny crack xlolx
my ***** just went away

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